- Saturday 27 July 2024 - Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon awaits you



Pure Adrenalin!
  • Departure at the Alta Valtellina bike village in Rasin Isolaccia;
  • Launch section passing through the heart of the village of Isolaccia;
  • Start uphill to Pedenosso Alto - S.Antonio tot. km 7 (5 km on asphalt and then beginning of dirt road);
  • Descending on Decauville dirt road turn right towards Torri di Fraele;
  • At Torri di Fraele mt 1930 (one of the most typical connotations of Valdidentro, on the route of the ancient Via Imperiale) you enter the spectacular valley of the same name;
  • Passing near the small lake of Monte Scale, you reach the Cancano dams, (two artificial lakes of enormous dimensions that constitute an authentic work of hydroelectric engineering inserted in an environment of particular naturalistic interest; the hydroelectric use of the Fraele valley dates back to 1928).
  • You follow the first dam on the left side, cross the dividing wall and pass on the right side of the second dam, over 12 km mostly flat on wide dirt road;
  • Once in the locality of S.Giacomo, keeping to the right, proceed on an easy path toward Val Mora near the Swiss border (we are still on the traces of the ancient Via d'Alemagna historio and important commercial link between Valtellina and the neighboring northern European countries until 1487). Before crossing the border we turn and proceed in the direction of Prà Grata to return to S.Giacomo.
  • You skirt the S.Giacomo dam on the right side after about 3 km completely flat, at Val Pettin detour and start the ascent to Alpe Trela mt 2200 km 2 on a dirt road with a compact bottom;
  • At Alpe Trela after a short flat section, climb again on trail for km 2 to Passo Trela 2300 mt.
  • Descent on single track km 3.5, in the direction of Val Pila; arrived at the bottom of the valley continue on the path of Val Torta between continuous ups and downs to Lake Livigno mt. 1800 (spectacular artificial lake that marks the border between Italy and Switzerland);
  • Ascent to Passo Alpisella km 5 on small white road with a compact bottom;
  • At Passo Alpisella mt. 2350 descent to the S.Giacomo dam; first section on dirt road to the entrance of the spectacular path that passes near the Adda springs leading to the bottom of the S.Giacomo valley;
  • We skirt the S.Giacomo dam (right side) km 3, entirely flat, towards the Pettin valley facing again the ascent to Alpe Trela km 2;
  • Short flat stretch and again uphill in the direction of Lago Nero for 1.5 km on trail, to descend to Bocchette di Trelina mt 2283;
  • Spectacular descent in the direction of Val Vezzola: first part on fun single-track and then continue on dirt road to the entrance of the trail that goes to the Foscagno valley; after a series of technical ups and downs, descend and return to the flat Decauville road;
  • Passage at Arnoga, crossing the state road to Livigno in the direction of Val Viola; a valley dominated by the mountains that are part of the Cima Piazzi and Corna di Campo group: in fact, the Cima Piazzi, Cima Viola and Cima Dosdé soar above it;
  • An initial uphill km 1 leads into Val Verva;
  • At Baite Verva bassa, on a newly created trail, proceed on 3 km of fun up and downs;
  • The trail becomes wider and after 1 km you pass through Val Cardonnè to then turn left and at the bridge crossing go up for 500 mt;
  • Flowing descent for 1 km and detour right to Paluetta (climb 1 km);
  • From Paluetta km 1 on varied terrain and you reach Alpe Boron mt 2057;
  • Short descent and immediately turn right to face a climb of about 1 km at times very challenging "wall of Prei";
  • You get off the hill in loc. Prei particularly panoramic place where the view can sweep over all the surrounding valleys covered in the first part of the track; through a new fun flat path and slightly downhill you reach Alpe Pone;
  • On the downhill path, you follow the Valdidentro alpine ski slopes to the entrance of the Palancana road, a long flat stretch immersed in thick pine forests among which extraordinary panoramic windows open onto the Bormio area;
  • Breathtaking descent to the natural history area of the Venini Military Fort and the Paluaccio di Oga reserve;
  • Taking advantage of the fun trails built for the bike park in Oga you "fly" to the Motte, the Corva, and with passage on the winter cross-country ski trail and the Isolaccia bike path you have arrived!

PASSO TRELA mt 2307 - ascent km 4.5 disl. 350 mt
PASSO ALPISELLA mt 2300 - ascent km 5 disl. 500 mt
PASSO BOCCHETTA DI TRELINA mt 2283 - ascent km 3.5 asl 323 mt



MARATHON Route | KM 100 | DISL. 3260 M

Itinerario Marathon

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- Saturday 27 July 2024 - Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon awaits you

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